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Leading with Grace and Grit: 4 Steps to Becoming A Strong Female Leader

Featuring: Bronwen Gregg, Director of Strategic Growth at Insight Global

July 13, 2023

Bronwen Gregg, Director of Strategic Growth at Insight Global

In today's rapidly evolving professional landscape, women are consistently breaking barriers and transforming industries. As a trailblazer herself, Bronwen Gregg, Director of Strategic Growth at Insight Global, has dedicated her career to empowering the advancement of women in their personal and professional lives. Through her roles as President of WISE (Women in Sports & Events), and Membership Co-Chair of GGW (Global Gaming Women), Gregg consistently inspires women to embrace their challenges and harness their greatest potential. Influenced by her remarkable background and motivated by her difficult upbringing, Gregg was born to be a powerful advocate for change. 

To foster the empowerment of women in their career journeys, Gregg has shared her four fundamental tips that helped her discover and amplify her voice. Through Gregg’s transformative insights, women seeking to forge their own unique leadership paths can persevere with unwavering confidence and resilience.

Speaking Up

Women often encounter unique challenges in professional settings. From biases and stereotypes to derogatory comments, these hurdles can impede their progress and hinder their voices from being heard. By acknowledging these challenges, women can strive to overcome them and foster an environment of equality and respect. Gregg is constantly emphasizing the significance of empowering women to speak up and make their voices heard. Creating spaces where women feel comfortable sharing their insights, ideas, and expertise is crucial. Whether it's speaking up in meetings, joining panels, or participating in thought leadership opportunities, women can break through barriers and contribute to meaningful discussions.

Embracing Imposter Moments

Imposter syndrome, a feeling of self-doubt and inadequacy, is a common feeling for those entering a new position or those taking on a higher responsibility. Gregg suggests embracing these moments by recognizing one's value and owning their expertise. Speaking on her own experiences with imposter moments, Gregg says, “It still comes in waves for me, but it tends to dissipate when I realize that I am uniquely qualified to speak on that topic. All of us are uniquely positioned based on our backgrounds and our personal experiences to have a voice." By embracing their qualifications, backgrounds and purpose, women can overcome self-doubt and become catalysts for change.

Finding Self-Confidence Through Community Support

The importance of practice and seeking support from trusted individuals to build your self-confidence is very important to Gregg. Whether it's rehearsing in front of a mirror, engaging in role-playing exercises, or seeking feedback from mentors and peers, consistent practice can boost confidence and refine public speaking skills. Building a strong support system that uplifts and encourages women to step outside their comfort zones is also crucial for their growth and success.

Remembering the Why

Gregg's final point resonates deeply: remembering why one started their journey. Connecting with the purpose and the impact they wish to create fuels passion, particularly during challenging times. As Gregg says, “Knowing your purpose adds so much passion to what you do. On those super tough days, knowing why you're doing something is just so important.” By staying connected to their motivation, women can persist in advocating for change, breaking down barriers, and inspiring future generations of women in the workforce.

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